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February 9, 2012

News in :90 | February 9, 2012

News in :90 – Feb. 9, 2012.

Highlights from today’s NIN: Greece is on the path to recovery from debt, unemployment aid is at a low, and a construction worker escapes nearly unscathed after shooting himself in the head with a nail gun. My adviser called me “One Take Rita” – that’s all it took for me today : )

February 9, 2012

Full coverage | Student center security

University will not add extra security for student center.

Another story on the new student center! For this one, I got to interview one of St. Thomas’s head honchos – Michael Barrett, associate director of Public Safety. Although there won’t be extra security in the building, Public Safety is making sure students will stay safe.

February 9, 2012

Full coverage | M. hockey vs. St. Olaf

Vannelli’s OT goal leads men’s hockey team over St. Olaf.

Ironically, a men’s hockey game against St. Olaf was the first sports slideshow I ever did for TommieMedia, last year. This year, the game once again went into overtime, but we ended up winning instead of tying. I also had to write the story this time instead of just focusing on pictures. Although I know almost nothing about hockey, I think I pulled it off!

February 9, 2012

Full coverage | Swimming Meet of Saints

Men’s swimming places first, women take third at Meet of Saints.

First rule for covering a swim meet: wear layers. I found that out the hard way. This was the first swim meet I’d ever been to, but coverage went smoothly. Swimming pictures are probably some of the hardest sports photos to take – you end up shooting 20 frames to get just one that you can use. Take a look at my story to see how I did for my first time around!